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Skills Badges.....

These recognise and encourage the practical skills that our girls have the opportunity learn whilst they are in our Guide unit. (We have just started doing these so there are more to come and some may change slightly as we refine them....page still under construction)

Knots resources Kazoo Try Stick 1 Trolls Sew resources 1 Flag Guide Law Storm Kettle Knots 1, 2 & 3 Knife 1, 2 & 3 Sew 1, 2 & 3 Navigate 1, 2, 3 UK Law Pocket Knife Card 1 Pocket Knife Card 2 Try Stick 2 Can scouts carry knives (article) A picture of home made ribbon badges Using a pocket knife Pocket Knife Safety Quiz Whittled Woggle / Ring Training Notes updated 2016 How to make your own Ribbon Badges Navigate resources Geocaching Patrol Log Book Geocaching

Resources coming soon.

Geocaching Info Flag 2016 Guide Law 2016 Knots 1 2016 Knots 2 2016 Knots 3 2016 Knife 2 2016 Knife 3 2016 Knife 1 2016 Axe 2016 Geocaching  2016 Storm kettle 2016 Navigate 1 2016 Navigate 2 2016 Navigate 3 2016 Sew 1 2016 Sew 2 2016 Sew 3 2016 (NEW) Scout Knife Safety Bow Saw Saw 2016 Axe NEW Whittling Knife card New badges photo

NEW: IRON ON printed cotton patches/ badges available for skills, GFI projects and Fun challenges etc!!!! no sewing 40p each & £1 p+p (UK) for any number. (see picture >>>)

If you would like to buy individual or bulk knives for your unit, we can help. The sheath knives we are currently using are mora 511's....


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