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2kb Guide and Ranger logo Campfire Songbook

Designed for double sided printing.

Print pages 1, 3 & 5 Then print 2, 4 & 6 on the reverse.

This is an A6 size pocket book made up of 2 sheets of double sided A4 printing.

Pet Rope Knots & Lashings

We have lots of 'printable' resources to share.

These are NOT official Girlguiding resources, ....we are just sharing what we do at OUR Guide unit and we thought they might help you!

We have had a lot of enquiries recently from people wanting to include these resources in their fundraising challenge bages, GFI's etc.

Whilst you are VERY WELCOME to use these resources with your units or even in trainings, PLEASE don't use them for you own  fundraising or personal money making schemes....we don't profit from them so why should you! THANKS

A6 size Baden-Powell Challenge Songbook image

Skills Badges

These recognise the practical skills that our girls have the opportunity learn whilst they are with us.

We make the badges... contact us to find out more.

Archery  Badges

Hits Record Card 10m CLICK HERE - Pocket Books / Leaflets Fun Challenge Badges A Guide Law Swap pin Promise and Law Resources

MORE resources....

Pocket BP Challenge image Pocket G File image A6 size Interest Badge Book! Pocket Badge Book image Skills Badges How to make a 'Pet Rope' instructions Archery Pocket book Songs + Guitar (work in progress) NEW... Make a Pet Rope! GFI logo artwork 2016-11 Go For It Projects Pet Rope Trainer fun badge blue Pet Rope Trainer fun badge green Knife 1 2016 Knots 2 2016 Pioneering 1 2016 Navigate 3 2016 Archery hits 10m 2016 gold Archery hits 10m 2016 Red Archery hits 10m 2016 Black Archery hits 10m 2016 Blue Fun Challenges BABYBEL 2016 Fun Challenges POD 2016 Pocket G File Friendship knot Hoisting the Flag


Minimum printing and reading, maximum doing!

For more info about our resources contact Vicky via the email: [email protected]

NEW Mini LED Torch! LED Torch YouTube video! thumbnail torch 2

Apologies if you emailed about resources / badges and I didn't reply. Life was very tricky in 2019.

I'm trying to get on top of everything again so please contact me again and I will do my best to help you.



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