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The SA Guide programme is currently being updated.

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Survival Badge - here are some of our notes / resources....

Mini Emergency Kit Edible and Inedible Plants Survival Badge Patrol Notes Week 1 Survival Badge Patrol Notes Week 2/3 Signs of Bad Weather Penny Hike Log Sheet

Like most Guiders we've adapted the Survival Badge to fit with where we live and what we can do -  We have the use of a woodland and live in a small country town and this is reflected in our activity choices. Since we do plenty of outdoor cooking we have avoided that clause.

Patrol Leader Training Scheme Archery Pocket Book IMG_1631 Make a Fire Tin


Archery: Pipe Bow


Pocket Books / Resource Leaflets

Some of the resources we use.... Some  leaflets are on A4 pages but designed to be made into A6 size mini booklets to go into a Pocket G File and use double sided printing when possible.

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