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A few photos...

Toilet roll 'mummies'

image-4 image-5

And then there is the paper making... the results were rather rustic (being polite) We also made sherbet from the GFI Experiment  (the recipe in the GFI doesn't work....our tip...find one with citric acid in it instead)

The Mini British Bake Off...... crispy cakes made over candles. They actually tasted and looked really nice! The winning patrol got 'limited edition' Mini Bake Off badges!

Panda Patrols fab idea for learning

the Guide Law... TWISTER!

archery 1 archery 2

Indoor Archery... we can shoot 10 metres to practice in the scout hall. We have our own equipment and one of our Guiders is a qualified Archery Leader. Indoor practice is good 'cos we loose less arrows ;-) In summer we do Archery outdoors at Washabrook and shoot longer ... Thanks Rufus and Sandy

Indoor Archery

GFI Experiment

remembrance Remembrance badge

Frying Pan Pizza making competition....

NEW Archery Pocket book Pizza Competition Instructions

Broom pole pioneering...

wheelbarrow race and mousetrap challenge

remembrance parade 2015

Remembrance Parade

2014 and 2015

knotting fortune teller

Knotting Practice with the Knotting Fortune Teller. 

We played a game with a knotting spinning top as well. Details with the Skills Badges via the resource page.