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We've got a  leaflet about how to make a Camp Blanket.

If you want to  download and print click here

It can be made into an A6 booklet.

Camp Blankets

Make a Camp Blanket




Hiker (with saw)



hurdlestone team sml

These are the Victrinox Swiss Army Knife models that we think are most suitable for Guide activities  and general camp use…

pocket knife card front

2012 7th Place

Stuck for Birthday / Christmas present ideas! some ideas...

What do you think? 

electric campfire Make an electric campfire! xmas list Presents Ideas pocket knife card back

Like a girl....

Hurdlestone Archery 2015 2nd place team photo

2014  - 2nd Place out of 93  scout & guide teams Top score in Archery!!

2015 Archery Base

Hurdlestone Challenge Website Hurdlestone 2016 4th Place

2016 4th Place

smile stones

Smile Stones hidden around Kingsbridge Town in January.

Local FaceBook groups for Smile Stones...

• Devon Rocks and Stones

• South Hams Smile Stones

NEW knotting resources. Select 'Skills Badges' on the RESOURCES page.

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