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Whilst we are all stuck at home its time to start working on an interest badge.

We have some videos for the Whittling Badge.

This week @ 2KB Guides via ZOOM:

We played lockdown bingo!.....

We also played 'Bring Me!' and had technical issues with the internet connection  :-( but we still had fun!!! xxx

Lockdown Bingo Paper Crafts Leaflet Paper Cup Leaflet

22/4/2020 @ 2KB Guides via ZOOM:

We made and tested a paper cup! and we made and played a buzz pipe.

We also had a  scavenger hunt.. which was fun and we will try again, we sang a song and ended with Taps

Lockdown Bingo sheet 1

15/4/2020 @ 2KB Guides via ZOOM:

This was our first online meeting and we just chatted and got everyone happy using ZOOM.

We played Kims Game and made plans for future weeks.