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This is our very own style of 'Go For It' challenges for Patrols to work on.

There is a record sheet and booklet which is small enough for each girl to have their own copy.  Easy to follow, fun to do. Iron on badges available.

GO For It Planning Page

NEW (October 2016) Iron on patches!... no more sewing!!

Egg Craft Ideas Sheet Camp Blanket Booklet Damper Recipe Go For It Thrift Go For It Apprentice Go For It Master Chef Go For It Campfire Go For It Egg Go For It U Can

Coming Soon....

Go For It Investigate Codes and Signals Book Tracking Signs Finger Print Info.

'Ready Made' Go For It Ribbon Badges for Camp Blankets - contatact us - 40p each + £1 postage (UK) for any number

GFI projects ribbon badges How to make your own Ribbon Badges GFI Masterchef artwork 2016-03 GFI Campfire artwork 2016-06 GFI Candle artwork 2016-02 GFI Egg artwork 2016-04 GFI Grow artwork 2016-01 GFI Apprentice artwork 2016-07 GFI Thrift artwork 2016-05 GFI U can artwork 2016-08 GFI investigte artwork 2016-10 GFI logo artwork 2016-11 GFI £ saver artwork 2016-09 New badges photo

NEW Iron on patches (washable!) 40p each + £1 postage for any number (UK)

Ideas Sheet 1 Kitchen Scraps gardening Go For It Grow

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