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FUN Challenges for Special Events

There is a printable challenge sheet.

Babybel model challenge x4

This is for Easter 2014

Kinder egg POD challenge x 4 Thinking Day Swaps Badge 2014

For Thinking Day 2013 we tried to find other Girl Guide and Girl Scout Units to SWAP with.... not much success!!! :-(

Please email if you want to get involved.....

[email protected]

Swaps Ideas .pdf How to make your own Ribbon Badges

If you want to make your own badges using these designs here are the instructions.

swaps badges

Suggested by a Guider called Lindsey (thank you)...

The Pet Rope trainer badge, for when a pet rope owner can demonstrate all knots on the pet rope cards plus 2 new  knots they have found and learnt for themselves (these must be real knots!)

Pet Rope Knots & Lashings Pet Rope Trainer fun badge blue Pet Rope Trainer fun badge green Pet Rope Trainer fun badge orange Pet Rope Trainer fun badge purple

NEW: from mid Oct 2016 we will have IRON ON badges / patches available for skills badges, GFI project badges etc!!!!  no sewing.

Fun Challenges POD 2016 Fun Challenges BABYBEL 2016 New badges photo

NEW Iron on printed cotton patches / badges, GFI projects and Skills badges. 40p each plus £1 p&p for any number.